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12 Myers Street,
Victoria 3020.
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Injec Engine Management Unit
The Injec Engine Management System.

V8 Race Setup.


Injec Racing Developments is an Australian Owned Company that has been researching and developing Engine Management Systems for over a decade. We pride ourselves in keeping up to date and continuingly updating our software to suit all types of Engines.

On the left of your screen you will see a photo of the Injec System. All adjustments can be made using 6 simple buttons on the keypad, and can be viewed by a standard screen or backlit screen. It speaks to you in English and can tell you live what your Engine is doing, (the Engine Data Display Menu) and allows you to see what you are doing when programming (the start and dyno display screen). It will also tell you when things go wrong, if a fault occurs, a buzzer sounds and a detailed message is display. For eg: If a Water Tempreture Sensor wire fall's off or is loose, the screen will say "WARNING WATER TEMP SENDER SHORT CIRCUIT". There are many messages to help you install and diagnose problems, and with the Injec System it helps you save time and money. WHY? For one simple reason "NO LAPTOP IS REQUIRED".

There are 3 Injec Systems currently available. The EM1 Fuel only system, EM2 Fuel and Ignition and EM3 Multi coil system. Besides just fuel and ignition control, some extra functions include, air conditioning, extra injectors, security settings, rev limiting and so much more.
standard wiring loom The standard wiring loom that can be purchased for installation of the Injec System. Single Coils and Twins Coils Single Coils and Twins Coils available on the Products page with $aud prices.
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