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Application Notes - Fuel Injectors
TAG Electronic Systems supply pintle type fuel
injectors. Other types of injectors, without pintles, are available. These “orifice” injectors rely on an orifice to atomize the fuel. Multi-Jet orifice injectors are variants using several orifices to generate multiple fuel jets from one injector to prevent wetting of the inlet duct, particularly on multi-valve engines.

Injector flow comparison table
List of Injectors by Manufacturer and part numbers.

injector-flow-comparison (27KB)

Alternative Automotive Fuels Technical Training
Aftermarket liquid fuel injection systems,Liquid Phase injection


GoGas Technology
Using a programmable ECU to control the injection of liguid LPG


Delphi Automotive Systems Electrical/Electronic
Delphi Automotive Systems is a world leader in transportation and mobile electronics.

Delph_English (592KB)

Bosch Transformer Ignition Coil
Bosch has been supplying transformer coils as original equipment to the Australian vehicle manufacturers since 1987 and now virtually every locally manufactured vehicle has this style of coil fitted as standard original equipment. As a result of this development for original equipment an extended range of transformer coils is now available for aftermarket fitment as a direct replacement for oil filled type coils

Bosch Ignition Coils (124KB)

Ignition Leads Catalogue
Includes common issues and how to solve them.

Ingnition Leads (1.09MB)

Ignition Modules
Includes Vehicle Application Guide

Ignition Modules (582KB)

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